Mission Statement

Jennifer A. Kelly
Director of Auxiliary Services


The mission of the Department of Auxiliary Services is to provide the highest quality products and services to the Northwestern State University community while setting the highest operational standards possible. Auxiliary Services' departments survey their customers each year on the delivery of products, services, and customer service. In addition, student focus groups and committees provide valuable input on student trends, needs, and desires throughout the year.

 Departmental Objectives

A primary objective of Auxiliary Services is increasing the quality, effectiveness, appearance and efficiency of these services, therefore, enhancing the University experience for students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. The objectives of Auxiliary Services were developed from the University Mission and Continuous Improvement Plan. Auxiliary Services objectives therefore, parallel and compliment the objectives of the President and the Division of Business Affairs. The objectives are:

→ to train Auxiliary Services staff and student employees to be responsive to clientele;
→ to improve student input in University policies;
→ to provide programming and educational outreach to the University Community;
→ to deliver services and programs to the University community via technology;
→ to improve marketing strategies for Auxiliary Services;
→ to improve student satisfaction with Auxiliary Services departments; and
→ to provide outreach services to the community.